Voting Instructions

 Register for the meeting as a Voting Delegate.(Done at registration)

 Go to the Voting room on day 3.

 Sign-in to vote.

Present a valid Membership card to staff.

Go to a Voting Booth.

Enter Member ID on Ipad.

Tap Vote to confirm you are voting.

For Each Ballot presented:

Note the number of positions available.

Select up to the number positions available.  Primary choices are marked with an X on the electronic ballot.

Once the number of positions available have been selected, further selections will be ranked in order of selection.

Tap Submit Votes.

Review the ballot – Double check that all selections are as intended.

Confirm the ballot by tapping Confirm.

Printer will print a copy of the ballot for the boxes.

Next ballot will appear

Take all printed ballots to the boxes and deposit.