The PRC Tab provides a means for every local to record each PRC Form filed.  This form provides critical information for tracking ongoing problems and solutions, the steps taken to resolve the issue and a record of the timeline involved.  Such data will provide guidance to the PRC Advisor. The intent is that over time the number of issues dealt with through the PRC process will decline.

Executive Members and those with Local Positions who are given PRC access automatically receive the Local’s full PRC information under the PRC tab.

File a New PRC Form

Click on the PRC tab then click on File New PRC Form.

The New PRC Form will, Open. Complete the fields.  Local Form Number – An optional field, can be used by Locals that have their own Numbered Forms. This number can be entered here.

Unit Name –Search for a specific unit or leave it blank and click on Search to find all units for the local.  Click Pick on the correct unit and Employer and Unit will auto populate.

Complete the Fields.  Once the form is submitted the fields in the Green box will not be able to be modified.

Check all the boxes that apply.

Click Submit when the information has been entered.

To access the PRC Form and make changes. Click on the Pencil.


Closure Procedures

When the Close the PRC Form is checked off and you have clicked on Lock.   Confirm Lock will appear click on Lock.  This should only be completed once everything has been done.  It may take the committee some time to complete the steps needed to close and PRC form.  Once the group has reached agreement, the form can be completed by checking off the Close the PRC Form.   ssparAfter Close the PRC Form is checked off the form is no longer available for updating.

Back at the PRC Forms screen you will see your PRC Form was Successfully edited and closed.  The status in List will be Closed.

Closure Information

It may take the committee some time to complete the steps needed to close a PRC.  Once group has reached an agreement, the form can be completed.

Click the Date Resolved field and select an appropriate date.

Stage: may require one or all three options.  Once selected the Stage line has been selected a field will appear allowing one to enter the appropriate date for the step taken.

Closure Summary: Provide brief details of the problem resolution.

Click the small square button beside Close the PRC. (This action allows the system to lock the form – Click the button and it will now display Lock.


Other Information

If necessary the original submitted information contained within the green box can be edited to omit personal information.

At the PRC Forms screen, click the PRC Number to show a detailed view of the PRC form.

From here select Edit Original Submission. This will allow you to make changes to the originally submitted form.


Once the changes have been saved a record is kept within the history of the PRC Form. By clicking on the Clock Icon on the Details page of the PRC Form, a pop up of previous versions and edits of the original submission will appear.


Technical Notes:

 These steps can be done at one session or over a number of sessions, but the information contained within the green box must be filled out on the initial submission of the form.

Be sure to Save work during and after each session.

The PRC Form is available for modification until the Close the PRC is checked off.

Establishing key words to use in the form will allow for easier searching to locate similar files.

Consider following protocols for entries similar to those you use for charting – initials and date on entries.

Once the form exists, a record of each person modifying the data is kept and can be displayed by clicking on the Detail button that contains the file number. In Last Edited By field it will show the last person who made changes to PRC.

PRC Form Table

The table is dynamic and changes as PCR Forms are entered.

The table grows as new forms are added.  Each PRC form is given a number that includes the Local Number, the Year it was filed and Sequential Number.

The Blue button displays the form number.  Click to open and view the contents of the form.  This view does not allow for modifications.

However, this view does provide a Request Assistance button that will allow you to contact a PRC Advisor to provided you with information on how you might handle the ongoing situation.

To move to the next PRC form click, on the List tab.  The table reappears.

If a Pencil button is displayed beside the number, the form can be modified.  This button opens the form and presents exactly the same options as when form is first opened.  Anyone with PRC tab has the power to make changes.

When the PRC Form is Closed, the Pencil button will no longer show.

The table can be Sorted on any column.  Click any column label to sort by that particular column.  The default sort is via the Number column.

The table can display 10, 25, 50, 100 or all entries by selecting from the dropdown menu on the upper left corner of the table.

At the lower left hand corner of the table is the navigation bar indicating where you are in the total number of entries.

The table provides a Filter to allow you to display a certain portion of the table based on criteria chosen.  This is on instance where more is better than less.  Try to be specific in entry.

Delete the text in the filter to have the full table reappear.


As records continue to grow locating a particular PRC Form becomes more difficult.  This search option allows one to quickly narrow the search for a particular form or group of forms that meet some established criteria.

As with other Searches in the DMS more than one parameter may be used to control search. Use the Search option to answer questions like:

  How many of our PRCs were sent to the CEO?

  How many PRCs from Unit XXX had to be forwarded to the Board?