To access FirstClass Archive server – we recommend using a desktop computer.

Install and use the current version of FirstClass desktop app/software. Previous versions of software may still function, however there may be unexpected behaviours if your software is too far out of date.

Complete the installation of the software to your computer before proceeding.

Your FirstClass Archive login credentials have not changed from last year, however, you may need to change the servername to <– this is set from the Advanced menu:

To get to the Advanced menu, click the disclosure triangle in the lower left corner of the login window – immediately to the left of the word “Advanced”.

Next click “Setup…” button, then enter the servername in the field to the right of “servername”.  You don’t need to enter anything else here, click Save at the lower right corner, returning you to the login window.

Once at the login window, verify that the servername is set to, and then enter in your old UNANet UserID (without the and password as it was in 2020 (the last time you logged in) & click Login.