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 Purpose of a conference:

Conferences are public forums for discussions and sharing information.  Not every UNANet member can see every conference that exists.  Each person is given access to conferences of interest and value to them.

Some conferences are thought of as a library. Read the items that are of interest. Read items by particular people.  Read items with subject lines that indicate content.  On other conferences, read everything that is posted.  Example: everything should be read on the District Conference and Local Executive Conference.  When inside a conference, and the *new message* is chosen the message will be automatically addressed to the conference.  Before sending any message, check that it is addressed to the correct person(s).

Receiving the Local Executive Conference:

Permission to receive the Local Executive Conference is automatically granted when you are named to the executive and removed once you leave the executive.

For those on the executive who want to manually grant and remove permissions, please see Executive Tips and Tricks.

Why does an Executive member need to receive Local Executive Conference?

Your ### Exec Conference is your primary system for delivery of information on your local.  This conference will be used by Membership Services to deliver updated information relevant to your local.  This conference is used by Centralized Accounting to deliver updated statements to keep your local informed of the finances of the local.

This conference allows you to send one message to all members of your Local Executive to help keep the communication simple and efficient.  All executive members are responsible for keeping the local informed and working together to ensure that information is received and delivered in a timely fashion.

The UNA Constitution includes direction that all executive members must access and read this conference on a regular basis.


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