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Creating a Mail list in my Contacts:

Open My Contacts from UNA desktop by Double clicking.+

Click on New then on New Mail List once the My Contacts screen opens.

Name: Enter the name of new List contact. Click OK.

To add Personal Contacts into a list, click and drag the contact to the Members field.

To add members of UNA to a Mail List just type their name as you would if emailing them and Tab on keyboard to populate their name.

Mail List vs Conference:

Please do not mistake the convenience of the Mail List option with the value of using a Conference.  Mail List feature allows you to do bulk mailing.  In this case one message is sent to multiple recipients.  The message appears in the Conference folder and all members of the group have access to it.  Create your message as usual, but use the conference name in the TO: field of your message.  Some Conference folders open a pre-addressed message when you use the New Message button.

When you send a message to a Mail List, a message is sent to each person in the list.

Since many Conferences contain pre-addressed stationery as the New Message option, be careful to read the address of any message you create.  If you have a read item in the District Conference but want to respond to just the person that posted the message, you will need to ensure that you correct the address.  In this situation, use the Reply to Sender option.

Directory vs Contacts Folder:

Two places in FirstClass store email addresses and other information about the individuals who use the UNANet system.  The Directory is the place where all members of UNANet system are listed.  The Contacts Folder (or Address Book) is the place to add contact information about people outside the UNANET system.  In addition, the Contacts Folder is a place to create mailing lists.  You can access these two resources using the buttons on the toolbar.  Or, the Directory option in the Collaberate menu.  Or, use Command-L.

Directory – Addressing a message to someone in UNANet

Shortcut the process by entering part of the intended recipient’s name and letting the software enter directly or give you a list of choices. You may also search by entering part of the intended recipient’s first name and last name. For example, “dav clim” will find only David Climenhaga, but “da cl” will find additional names.

 Contacts – Using Email for People outside UNANet

You can create shortcuts to address email messages to people who are not part of UNANet.  This done using the Contacts Folder.  Unless you decide to share your contact list, you are the only person able to access the information or add to your Contacts Folder.  To open the Contacts Folder, click the Contacts Folder button (or use keyboard shortcut Command-2.)

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