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To create a New message from the FirstClass Desktop click, on New Message.


From the FirstClass menu bar, click on Message, then on New Message.

You can also use the shortcut on keyboard:

Windows CTRL-N

Macintosh COMMAND-N

The New Message screen will open for completion.

Options to Reply to message:

Standard account includes a REPLY button on with a drop-down menu of options.

Reply with Quotes:

  • Sends reply to the original sender.
  • Sends reply to anyone that received the original message.
  • Includes the original message.
  • Includes any text added to the original message.

Reply to Sender:

  • Sends reply message only to sender of original message.
  • Does not include original.
  • If you select all/a portion of the message, the selected text is included with the added text.

Reply to Original Author:

  • If you are in a conference reading a posting form a person, example from Irene Smith, you can reply directly to Irene using Reply Original Author. If someone had forwarded a message to you – perhaps Sue sent the message to Joe and Joe forwarded the message to you – this form of reply sends an email directly to Sue.


If you want to include just a portion of the original message, click and drag text to highlight the portion you want to include.

Determining if a message has been read:

Open sent message, click on History and the history box will open.  A shortcut on the keyboard to perform this function is Command Shift H.

Messaging someone outside of UNANet:

In the To box, type in address. (i.e.

Click the Enter (Return) key.

Creating a Contact Card:

Click on New Contact on UNA desktop.

A New Contact card will open enter in information.

  1. Voice/Fax tab – First and Last Name with phone numbers.
  2. Email/URL – Enter business and personal emails.
  3. Address – allows for business and personal addresses.
  4. Notes – allows for Quick Name – Defaults to First Last name but change be changed to something more convenient. FirstClass can use Quick Name entry to locate and address a message.



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