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Searching in FirstClass:

There are two methods to Find messages in FirstClass.

Method one

Use the Find button on tool bars.

The Find screen will pop up enter in Find what the search is for, then click Find.

Results will appear.

Method Two

Use the FirstClass menu bar.  Click on Edit, then on Find.  A pop-up screen will appear for you to search in.


The Find screen will pop up enter in Find what the search is for then click on Find.

More Options for searching with Find.

  • Find: This opens a field to allow a specific term to be entered and searched.
  • Time Period: allows control over a set date range for messages.
  • Include: Option tells FirstClass what containers/folders to include in the search. The default is set to include everything. However, if you know the message you need is in a specific folder, open the folder before starting the search.  The search is much faster this way.
  • Look in: This option is extremely helpful since the default restricts the search to the Subject/name and other list fields.  Adding one or more of the other options may slow your search but could also make the search results more accurate and useful.
  • Advanced options: These often do not increase the value of a search, but you are free use them if desired. (EX: the ability to limit the search to X number of results.
  • Save Search: Saves the results of the search to be used later if needed.  The results are identified with a magnifying glass icon and an identifying search parameter in the Name column of the folder where the search was conducted.


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