Tap on News, Resources or Agreements to access Report a Concern.

Report a Concern is located in the top right hand corner.  Once tapped on the different types of concerns will open.  Tap on Professional Responsibility.

UNA PRC Form will open, in the Employer field tap and a list of Employer’s will open.  Scroll to find the correct one and tap to populate Employer field.

The next two fields that need to be entered are Employee No. and Postal Code.  This information is what the Employer has on file.  If you select Alberta Health Services, your Employee No. most likely does not begin with two zeros (your ID Badge may show the two zeros, but AHS only provides UNA the information with a single zero).

The next screen is the New PRC Form.  Enter My Designation by tapping in the field and the list will populate. Tap on the correct designation if your designation is not RN as that is the default designation.


If Other is chosen, you will need to manually type in your designation.

Enter Contact information if you would like to be contacted. This is optional.  Once the field has been tapped, a screen will open for you to enter a Phone Number and Email Address if you choose. To enter, tap Save.  

Next field is to enter in when the Concern Occurred.  Tap in each field and manually enter the information. Tap on Save.

Next field to complete is Choose Your Unit.  Your unit should have defaulted in from the Employee list.  If not Tap the field to enter in worksite or unit name if you know it otherwise enter an * and a list of Units/Employers will populate. Tap on the correct one.


Now you will need to Select A Complainant, tap either Individual or Group.

Next field to complete is Manager Reported To, manually enter in Manager’s Name and the Date it was reported on, this is optional.  Tap Save to save your entry.


Is Staffing a factor toggle for yes or no.  If yes then complete the fields on number of workers.  Tap Save to save entry.

Back at the New PRC Form, complete the Detailed Description of Issue or Concern.  Tap Save to save entry.

Back at the New PRC Form, complete the Suggestions to Alleviate Problem or Prevent Recurrence.  Tap Save to save entry.

Corresponding RLS Number is an optional field.   Tap Save to save entry.

Once all the fields are completed tap on DONE.  A message will appear read and if no more changes are required Submit PRC Form.

A message will appear that PRC Form Submitted successfully.

Next you will be back at the PRC Form with the number referenced and it will be Submitted; Awaiting approval by Local XXX.