Here is the overview for the new Essential Services 0-Hour Proposals section:
A new function has been added to the Essential Services page in DMS Web (
This function serves to show all of the Staff Plans where the employer has not entered any essential services staffing information.
To access this, click on the 0-Hour Proposals button on the right-hand side of the screen (arrow #1).
A table will show where you can update the status of each Staff Plan to “Local Agreement” all at once with the Agree All button (arrow #2) or individually with the Agree button (arrow #3).
Also shown in this table are two new columns.
The “UNA Proposal” column (arrow #4) will show YES if a Staff Plan has essential services staffing data proposed by the Local, or NO if it does not.
The “On-Call Hrs” column (arrow #5) shows the amount of essential on-call/readily available hours proposed by the Local.