AGM Banquet Tickets are sold through Eventbrite. The event is not publicly posted you will need to visit the AGM Forum to view the post and use the link.

– If you are paying with a Credit Card, follow the usual Eventbrite process. You can follow the Eventbrite help guide here: Eventbrite Checkout.

–  If you are a Local Exec and you wish to have Provincial Office invoice the Local directly. You will use the “Promo Code” that was sent to your Local. To use the promo code, be sure to apply it. This will show a 100% discount, and allow you check out, but by using the promo code you are authorizing the amount of the tickets to be transferred from your Local’s central account to Provincial after the AGM.

  1. At the top type in your Local’s Promo Code:

2. Be sure to click “Apply”

3. You will see that a 100% discount code has been applied. Now follow the usual Eventbrite purchasing process. If you want to order specific seats, click the “Buy on Map” button. Please note! The available seats are highlighted red.