Hybrid Meetings

Important Notes/Etiquette:

  • In a Hybrid Meeting, Elections must be done using ElectionBuddy
  • Speaking: Please ensure that if you are speaking, you are speaking into a microphone. Those who are not physically attending will not hear you otherwise.
  • Note about security: By its very nature it is impossible to know who is in the room when someone is attending remotely.

Greater than 15 In-Person Attendees:

  1. E-mail systems@una.ca at minimum 2 months in advance to begin planning your hybrid meeting.
  2. Connect with Cine:
    • After e-mailing Systems, they will put the District Chair or Local Executive in contact with Cine regarding the requirements for booking. The District Chair or Local Executive will be responsible for booking a hotel that will fulfill Cine’s requirements to host the hybrid meeting. Booking requirements:
      • Hotel
        • The hotel must be able to provide a 100 Megabit (or better) wired connection
        • A room large enough to accommodate Cine’s required layout.
      • Cine will work with the District Chair or Local Executive to gather the appropriate tech needed to curate and run the event smoothly.
  3. Book the Hotel.
  4. E-mail events@una.ca to set up the Zoom Meeting link.
  5. Assign someone who does not have other responsibilities assigned during the meeting (such as taking Minutes) to Co-Host the Zoom call.
    • How to assign a Co-Host, or, send that information to events@una.ca
    • Responsibilities of this role would include:
      • Maintaining the Waiting Room
        • Ensuring that people have the correct names, and are meant to be there
        • Those joining over Zoom should have either a V or an O in front of their names to signify if they are a Voting Delegate:
          • (V) – John Smith
          • (O) – Jane Doe
        • Here is a link on how to change your name within Zoom
      • Monitoring the Chat for questions
      • Recording Votes
      • Note: Motions on the floor will proceed as normal; People attending in-person will use their hands/ballot cards and people remote will use the green check or red x.
  6. Co-ordinate with an Admin to ensure the Zoom link is functional.

Less than 15 In-Person Attendees:

Hybrid Meetings utilizing the Owl can occur if there are less than 15 in-person attendees. The Owl is a tool used in meetings that is an intelligent 360° conference camera, mic, and speaker. It is a smart webcam that includes all participants equally in a hybrid connection.

  1. E-mail events@una.ca to coordinate shipping the Owl and Laptop to you. What’s in the box:
    • Owl
    • Laptop
    • Power cable for Owl
    • Power cable for Laptop
    • Cable to connect Owl to Laptop
    • Return Label/Box
  2. Set up a Zoom Meeting, and make the Co-Host of the meeting the same as the laptop information provided.
  3. Once you receive the package:
    1. Turn the laptop on and sign in with the credentials on the label.
    2. Plug the Owl into power, as well as into the laptop
  4. Ensure you have the correct Zoom settings for the Meeting:
    • Allow participants to join before host: ON
    • Waiting room: OFF
    • Meeting passcode: ON
    • Embedded password in invite line: ON
    • Disable Single Sign-on

Using the Owl

  1. Open Zoom and select ScheduleJoin or Start with video, or follow your Zoom invite link to join a meeting.
  2. Select Join Audio Conference by Computer.
  3. Select the Up arrow ^ to the right of the Microphone icon on the bottom left of your screen.
  4. Select Meeting Owl as your Microphone and Speaker.
  5. Select the Up arrow ^to the right of the Camera icon on the bottom left of your screen.
  6. Select Meeting Owl as your Camera. Start your meeting.

After the Meeting

  • Please remember to LOG OUT of any and all applications that you’ve used your personal information to sign in with.


  • If the Owl does not show up as an option for audio/video, the first step is to ensure everything has been plugged in:
  • The Owl is plugged into power.
  • The Owl is plugged into the laptop.
  • Reboot the Meeting Owl by unplugging your Owl’s power for 10 seconds and plugging it back in. Wait until your Owl’s eyes stop pulsing and you hear a hoot. Note: Test the Owl.
  • Restart the Zoom Meeting
  • Owl Icon meanings
  • Contact systems@una.ca