In Zimbra Calendar, when creating an event, you are the EDITOR.  This changes the behaviour of web links that are created in a calendar event.

As Editor or owner of an event/message, the Editor does not get the clickable link when pasting or typing the link in – an Editor will get an editable text version of the event.

Recipients DO get a clickable link in their calendar event/meeting invitation.  This functionality allows for changes to be made by the creator/Editor should there be an error, typo etc.

  • IF you want a clickable link – you would need to paste the zoom invitation info or link, then select (or highlight) the “link text”, or anything starting with https://   (called a URL – which stands for Universal Resource Locator – often called a link/website or address),
  • Next, copy the invitation or link, (either using the menu for Edit>Copy (at the very top of the screen near the  menu), or right click on the highlighted text, and drag down to the Copy option),

  • Click the Link button – looks like 2 links of chain in the toolbar right above the body of the message and to the right side of the window (OR calendar event) – **NOTE:  you may need to resize your window if it’s not visible, or it may wrap the toolbar for you and it may appear to the left side of the window in a 2nd row of buttons
  • a new pop-up window appears,
  • click once in the first field (the URL field) to put the flashing insertion point/cursor there,
  • paste the copied link into the URL field using Edit>Paste or right click >paste, (or on a Mac command v on the keyboard),
  • click OK (or hit enter/return on the keyboard) to return to the message or calendar event.  The text will now be clickable to launch the web link.

Don’t forget to “send” or click “save and close” for calendar events