List Manager is found in the Local Admin and is used to build and save your own lists in order to conveniently send emails to and view information from different sites, units, and individuals.

When List Manager opens there are two options Edit List and My Lists (Local XXX).

Edit List is where you are able to create new lists and everyone on the executive for the local will be able to see and use the list.

For each Local the system will tell you how many sites/units and people available for the local to create lists from.

You are able to Search by Site/Unit Name or Person Name or you can search by Show All and click on the Sites/Units or People button.

Sites/Units will show all the sites and units for the local with the amount of people in each unit.  This can fluctuate.  To see the individual people for each unit click on Show and a list will populate beneath in the Select column.  To collapse the list click on Hide.

When the List is open you are able to click in the Box Beside the name to add them to the new email list you are compliling.

When you click on People you will get a current list of everyone in the local.  Again click on the Box Beside their name to add them to a list.

Once you have checked off those for the email list at the bottom of the screen you will see Add Selection.  Click and the names will populate on the right hand side of the screen.  If you have added someone in error click on the (-) Minus Sign and the name will be removed.



Once you have all the people for your email list click on Save List which is found at the bottom of the screen.

A Confirmation pop up box will appear.  Enter in the name for your list in List Title field and click on Save.

Now to see the list you just made, click on My Lists (Local XXX) and the most recent list made will show at the top.

There are 4 actions you can do with a list; Edit, Delete, E-Mail and Print.

Edit allows one to edit the list by adding members or removing members.  When in Edit mode there will be a Yellow Highlight at the top of the screen indicating you are editing a list.  To Save the changes click on Add Selection then Save List or if Cancel is clicked all changes will be ignored and go back to creating a new list.

When you click on Save List you will have the option to leave the list name as it was or to change it to a new name as the Confirmation pop up will appear again.

Delete will delete the complete list the has been compiled.  A Confirmation pop up will appear.  Click on Delete to delete the list.

E-Mail allows for you to send an email to all those on the list that have a valid email address on file.  The E-mail Centre will open and you are able to add the Subject line and Body of the email along with the ability to add Optional Attachments.  Those of whom were omitted were part of a unit on the list that has since moved locals, or that the individuals themselves have since moved locals, or they just did not have an email address on file.

See List will allow to to double check those are the people you would like to email and will list the email address that is on file for the memeber.

Send allows you to send the email and will usually be sent in the next half  hour of clicking the button.

Reset E-mail Data allows you to clear the list sent to and choose a new ones. Confirm Reset E-mail Data screen, will pop up click on Reset.

Back at the E-mail Centre you will be able to compose another email and in the Mail to: click on the list you would like to email from the drop down.


In the Previous E-mails section you will see all the emails that have been sent and their status Pending or Sent.