Congratulations on your new role as a Local Executive! On this page you will find:

Create a UNAnet Account

Common Tasks

As a new Local Executive

  1. Your new position will need to be reflected in DMS; a current Local Executive will be able to do this for you.
  2. If you are taking over hardware (such as a laptop from the previous Local Exec) please contact
  3. Once your position is reflected in DMS, you should have access and be able to see the following:

In Zimbra:


  • The Local Executive shared mailbox
    • Getting Started with Zimbra Mail
    • ☆ Best Practice: Local Executive should create/design a schedule to monitor the inbox, and specify how they would like messages to be dealt with (such as message forwarding)



  • Your Home Menu will comprise of:
    • Your Local Dashboard
      • Your Personal Information (you can edit directly on here)
      • Your Membership Information
      • The Local(s) information of which you are a part of
      • Employee Lists
    • The Local Admin tab

Common Tasks in DMS:

Education Opportunities

There are also some great education modules that provide step-by-step videos! Please visit

For further knowledge, you can sign up for How to Run a Local (abbreviated HTRL) events through the Events tab on DMS Web, or alternatively, you can see the upcoming events on the Events Calendar

Additionally you can read Procedure 18.11 “Locals – Operating Requirements” found it the Policies and Procedures Manual 18.11 covers all the basics of the responsibilities of the Local Executive.


With access to News, Collective Agreements, UNA Policies and the Constitution. In the DMS section, members with UNAnet accounts can update their contact information, submit Expense Claims and LOA Requests, Occupational Health & Safety forms; and Local Executives can do informational searches of their members and duespayers. Local executives and committee members can also manage Expense Claims and LOA Requests, as well as OH&S forms.

Members with UNAnet accounts can also have an electronic version of their UNA Membership Card right in the app!

Optional push notifications provide updates on the status of expense claims, leaves of absence requests, submitted PRC and OH&S concerns, and other related items.


Constitution & Bylaws
Collective Agreements
Professional Responsibility Concerns (PRC)
Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S)
Glossary of UNA terms and abbreviations
Other helpful articles for DMS Web