Settling into UNAnet

Here are a few items that will help you begin to navigate throughout UNAnet.


Adding your Signature

To allow easy access to the various services: Adding Icons to your Homescreen 

Creating Out-of-Office Replies

Sharing Resources:

Zimbra Preferences to Explore

  • Increasing your font size on Zimbra:
    • Go to Preferences > General
      • Display Font Size is the font at which the entirety of the account will be set in.
      • Print Font Size is the font at which you can print the email out in. This will be a default size to print from Zimbra.
    • Ensure to hit Save in the top left corner when you’ve completed this.
  • Calendar Invites: The following are in Preferences > Calendar.
    • Auto deleted: If you wish to accept an invite, and then have that invitation email deleted, you can choose
    • To have the appointment appear automatically on the calendar before you accept:
    • You can also have declined events choose to be shown.

Computer Settings: 

  • Allowing Pop-up Windows:
    • Safari:
      • Open Safari
      • Navigate to Safari > Settings*
        • * This may be called Preferences, depending on which software you are currently running.
      • Go to Websites > Pop-up Windows
        • Choose Allow for